A tradition of quality

At Radevic Estate, our philosophy and approach in producing world-class wines is simple. We treasure our twenty-eight generations of traditional winemaking roots, while embracing new-world sensibilities and technology in the vineyard and in our winery. Our respect for the land will be evident with your first sip of our wines where our passion and an unwavering quest for quality is the cornerstone of our journey. Together with our children, we continue our family’s history of cultivating vines and producing wine near the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Dolcea in Montenegro. Time-honored winemaking practices have been passed down through the generations in the Radevic family, and it is this spirit of preserving centuries-old values that is so intrinsically related to the recent re-birth of our winery.

Thank you, we hope you’ll visit us in Montenegro, walk between our vines, and experience how we capture hundreds of years of history and passion in each and every glass of our wines Goran, Renee, Luka, Andjelija

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