The Team

Our Dream, Our Story

Goran and Renee met in Grand Cayman and married February 14, 2000. They lived in their home on Prospect Point, Grand Cayman with their 4 children for 8 years dreaming of owning a family vineyard in Goran’s homeland of Montenegro. When Hurricane Ivan hit in September 2004, the dreams of owning a family vineyard was soon to became their reality. Ivan was a category 5 strength hurricane and was one of the top 10 most intense Atlantic hurricanes ever recorded. The entire island and its people suffered insurmountable devastation. The Radevic family home on Prospect Point was gone. They stayed at the Georgetown Hospital while Goran worked as an emergency physician for two weeks before Renee and the children were flown out on a rescue flight bound for Miami. Renee and the children continued on towards their second home in Tuxedo Park, New York and waited 3 months until Goran could take leave from his duties at the hospital. This was the pivotal point where the Radevic family had to decide whether they were to start over again rebuilding in Cayman or move toward their dream of starting a vineyard in Montenegro. While that moment in history was catastrophic for the Radevic family, they felt it was fate that literally ‘blew’ them towards their true destination – Radevic Estate Wines.

  • Dr. Goran RadevicOwner and WinemakerDr. Goran Radevic lives on the family estate he built together with his wife, Renee and their four children: Hannah, Nikola, Luka and Andjelija.
  • Ivan DašićTechnology Engineer and EnologistIvan Dašić is our wine consultant at Radevic Estate Winery. We lovingly call him “Maestro”

The earth returns what it receives. Producing wines of great distinction in their purest form is never easy and there are no shortcuts. At Radevic Estate, from early spring through the long, cold winters, more than one hundred separate tasks are performed to bring you our wines. This incredible grape-to-glass journey in producing Montenegro’s finest award-winning wines would not be possible without the dedication of our small team of family, friends, and staff. Their support of our unwavering quest for quality in the vineyard, the winery, and in the bottle is paramount to our success.

We raise our glass in appreciation of their hard work!
Renee and Goran