From Grapes to Glass

Since our current humble beginnings in 2007, we removed pebbles, stones and boulders, preparing the land for new vines and a state-of the-art winery, and our home, laying the foundation for generations to follow.

With continued respect for our ancestral sustainable approach in the vineyards and in the winery, we judiciously adopt and implement new world technology ensuring our winemaking delivers the very best grape-to-glass experience.

Our unique geographical location just a few short miles from the Adriatic Sea, pocketed by mile-high mountains and blessed with abundant sunshine, provides us a growing season of long, warm sun-drenched days and crisp cool nights. Like most European wine regions, as summer fades and fall arrives we keep an eye to the heavens for Mother Nature’s signal of the pending Harvest. While technology’s tools of the trade teach us much, it is the old-world  “fruit on the wine” that dictates the timing to pick our grapes for ideal ripeness.

In the vineyard, we restrict fruit growth to one cluster per vine, a costly approach, but one that we feel is necessary to allow for maximum flavor potential. Our hand-picked fruit is then rushed to the winery where meticulous de-stemming of individual bunches, takes place prior to fermentation.

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