A few words from our customers

“An amazing and stunningly beautiful country, people, and wines. Blessed to have spent time at Radevic Estate and Goran and Renee have created magic with their Montenegran Grand Cru wines. A must stop on your next trip to Europe!”
Bruce Nichols

One of the best evenings my wife and I have had in Montenegro to date. I highly recommend Radevic Estate to any of my friends if you are looking for great company, conversation, history and excellent wine. They also make an amazing cognac and other superior quality drinks for anyone’s taste. Take some time and look into this family business. It will be worth your time and you won’t regret it.
Radu Sharpe

One of my favourite wineries in the world. The hospitality is top class. The location is beautiful. And even the wines are excellent…
Daniel Schaer

5 Stars – Renee and Goran were lovely enough to accommodate my partner and I for a short tour and tasting in their beautiful estate while we were passing through the area. It was a pleasure to hear their story and learn about about their wines in great detail. I was particularly taken by their vranac which is a pleasant discovery through the Balkans and their fortified Shiraz. Thank you again for the hospitality and I wish you all the success in promoting great Montenegrin wines.
James Horsey

One of the most amazing places ever. Great people, great wine, great everything! The history is awesome. If you do only one thing in Montenegro, this is it. Renee and Goran, thank you for your hospitality and love.
Cindy Couture

Oh wow! That’s fabulous news and so very well deserved! Our wonderful visit to Radevic Estate (with Nikola from MEA) was one of the highlights of our two week Montenegrin holiday last year. Goran and Renee, you’re both inspirational and living proof that dreams really can come true!
Nicola Fensome

Nothing like Goran and Renee Radevic. We had such an incredible time with them and their family on their estate plus the pleasure of visiting the Aman Resort and Montenegro.
Jill Backman

Tasted 3 Montenegrin wines from Radevic Estate – a Syrah, a Cabernet/Vranac blend, and a 100% Vranac, All excellent and miles above others from this up and coming region!

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